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Ethos Village

“It Takes a Village”

Ethos Village was created to realize the learning gains associated with participation in a virtual learning community. As a web based application, it is tailored for groups to enhance learning and understanding among its members (students and mentors) by offering tools to assist in planning, coordination, information storage and sharing, and collaboration and communication. Within Ethos Village your group will be able to take advantage of tools such as group to?do lists, online file sharing and storage, private group chats, discussion boards and more.

Learning Communities

Learning communities are virtual environments that provide an opportunity for individuals to enhance their learning and understanding of various subjects and topics of information through interacting with peers. Participation within a learning community affords a deeper understanding of material presented and information shared by exposing individuals to the perspectives and experiences of other group members.


Three portals have been established for students, parents, and teachers. Within these portals, a customizable interface has been built to deliver information and provide a secure interactive environment. The portals are encryption protected and have password required points of entry. It has always been our belief that it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone has an assignment with Ethos!

Mobile Platform

To ensure that the curriculum can be accessed remotely, applications can be downloaded and installed on smart phones and tablets. The curriculum is made readily accessible to students anywhere at any time.

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