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Our Mission

Ethos Pedagogy is a customizable character development program that was designed to improve the educational experience of students by redefining success through a firm understanding of identity and self-value.

Through a cognitive process, Ethos leverages the social worth of celebrity athletes and entertainers as a means to connect with impressionable youth through a wide range of interactive curriculum platforms that support the mutual goals of both the parents and educators.

Through this program, students are able to achieve generational change by redefining their success through increased self-value and character enhancement. The pedagogy of our students will allow them to become inspired and motivated learners which, in turn, increases their academic performance while working to close the overall achievement gap.

Our Mission

The Reality

US High School Dropout Statistics

  • Total of high school dropouts annually: 3,030,000
  • Number of high school students who drop out every day: 8,300
  • Americans with a high school diploma: 85.3%
  • High school graduation rate, 50 largest U.S. cities: 59%
  • U.S. crimes committed by high school dropouts: 75%

Social Economic Issues Affecting Youth Today

  • Students do not have health care– i.e. No eye glasses, Dental and other health issues
  • Students are faced with poverty – i.e. No food, no clothes, no study materials, etc.
  • Home living conditions – i.e. No mother or father in the home
  • Gang Violence – i.e. Recruitment of students

The Solution


Ethos partners with schools to achieve their current assignment of improving academic performance, improving the achievement gaps, increasing daily average attendance, and aligning with the local control action plan.

By helping students understand their identity and purpose, we are able to change the mindset and landscape of how students see themselves. Through this process students are able to begin to identify with their true purpose in life.

By focusing on the development of values and character traits, students center on their identity and purpose to guarantee their success. No matter the gender, race, religion, or occupation of a person, all successful people possess the same positive character traits and values.

We leverage the classroom to foster a learning environment that encourages these same positive character traits and values.

This learning environment provides students with the self confidence to formulate an understanding of how they can and should co-exist in the world at large. Through our proven award winning curriculum, we are able to use connection points that work to reach out to students in their current environments so they are motivated and inspired to learn.

The Outcome

Once a student understands his or her identity, purpose, and self-value students will manifest the following outcomes:

  • Value Education
  • Close the Achievement Gap
  • Increase the Average Daily Attendance
  • Improve Academic Performance
  • Implement Personal and Academic Goal Setting Tools
  • Develop and Utilize Positive Decision Making Skills
  • Incorporate a Positive and Structured Learning Environment

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