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Character Workbooks

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The “You’ve Got the Power!”™ series of motivational and inspirational workbooks was developed to help individuals discover strategies for improving their academic performance and achieving their desired goals in life.

These workbooks were created by combining intellectual ideas with self-exploration activities and experiential learning exercises to motivate and encourage individuals to modify their thoughts, behavior, and decision making in order to ensure their ultimate success in life.

These workbooks are a very valuable resource that will significantly have an impact on the lives of individuals throughout the country and abroad.

This workbook series is being designed by a distinguished university professor and researcher in conjunction with a team of experts knowledgeable in the pedagogy of developing curriculum materials that encourage student learning and enhance academic performance.


Each workbook in the series contains a system that works together to reinforce learning and application.

  • POWER PRINCIPLES” that are vital to character education and life skills development.
  • POWER STORIES” of real life scenarios for students to internalize, synthesize, and apply the principles presented in this book.
  • POWER DILEMMAS” that allow students the opportunity to experiment with the key information presented.
  • POWER QUESTIONS” that immerse students in thought provoking self-exploration and discovery exercises of their feelings and thoughts related to each “POWER PRINCIPLE”.
  • POWER ACTION ACTIVITIES” that enhance student learning and retention by reinforcing concepts presented in the reading material. The use of these activities will help to further develop an understanding of the discussion points and to gain insight into the principles and how they can be applied in each student’s life.
  • POWER JOURNAL” topics are included in the workbook to promote independent writing and thought reflection to reinforce the main concepts presented in the workbook.
  • POWER PLANNING TOOL” is included to assist students in developing an action plan that will be implemented to alter their behavior and improve their performance.


To supplement the character workbooks, and to inspire feedback from the students, an online curriculum was developed. The online curriculum has been designed to support character development among students through utilizing proven theories of cognitive learning: Evaluation, Synthesis, Analysis, Application, Understanding, and Knowledge. The online platform is simple, engaging, and effective.

Core Curriculum

Elementary School (Tapping Into Your Potential Power Principles)

  • 1. Respect Yourself and Others
  • 2. Believe In Yourself
  • 3. Being Trustworthy
  • 4. Responsibility Is Key
  • 5. Always Try To Do Your Best
  • 6. Make Good Choices
  • 7. Caring for Others Matters
  • 8. Practice Being Fair
  • 9. Be Your Own Super Hero: Beat Fear, Doubt, and Worry
  • 10. Learn Something New Every Day
  • 11. No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference: Be a Good Citizen

Download sample here

Middle School (Becoming Your Best Power Principles)

  • 1. Attitude Makes A Big Difference
  • 2. Pursue Excellence
  • 3. Commit To Working Hard In Life
  • 4. Be Smart And Cool
  • 5. Choose Your Friends Wisely
  • 6. Handle Peer Pressure
  • 7. Set A Good Example For Others
  • 8. Manage Your Crush
  • 9. Build A Power Team
  • 10. Avoid Pitfalls

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High School (Unleash the Greatness that Exists Within You Power Principles)

  • 1. Always Have a Goal
  • 2. Use It or Lose It
  • 3. Pursue Your Passions
  • 4. Don’t Let Fear, Doubt, or Worry Hold You Back
  • 5. It Takes Action to Make It Happen
  • 6. There is No Easy Street in Life
  • 7. The Only Time Success Comes Before Work Is in The Dictionary
  • 8. Never Settle for Less
  • 9. Learning Should Last a Lifetime
  • 10. Be a Survivor

Download sample here

Elective Curriculum

Parent Development and Leadership

Becoming The Leader You Were Born To Be

Gender Specific

Blossoming Into A Beautiful Lady
The Journey To Manhood

At Promise

Breaking the Vicious Cycle
Turning Your Life Around

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