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Workshops and Training Seminars for Teachers, Group Leaders, and Instructors

To enhance student learning and behavior modification, workshops have been developed for teachers and other key personnel working with the students.

Specifically, the workshops are designed to provide training on how to use the various workbooks effectively with the students to achieve behavioral modification and improved performance.

The workshop format is very interactive and allows workshop attendees the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge as well as specific information on student activities and learning exercises that can be used while teaching this material.

Additionally, the workshop covers information that will assist instructors in successfully using the reflective exercises, homework activities, and journal assignments to strengthen student learning associations, thereby, influencing meaningful learning of the material presented.

Workshops and Training Seminars for Students and Workbook Users

To increase student comprehension, understanding, and adoption of the principles contained in the workbook and to ensure behavior modification and enhanced performance, workshops have been developed for student readers.

The workshop format is highly interactive and will engage the students in discussing the principles presented.

Additionally, supplemental activities will be completed during the workshop to enhance student reading, comprehension, writing, and oral communication skills.

This workshop was designed for students to help them become aware of their true potential and to inspire them to appreciate life, learn from others, and take charge of their future.


Featuring Motivational and Keynote Speakers

To reinforce the curriculum, we schedule sseminars with successful leaders, professional athletes, and local celebrities to engage the students while teaching the practical applications of these character traits in their individual lives.

With school assistance, small student groups are strategically arranged to allow for in-depth discussions of character.

A one-on-one relationship is developed to allow students to share their own personal thoughts and challenges along with personal mentorship from those successful leaders, professional athletes, and local celebrities.

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